Some Changes To DailyBlogged (updated 8/9/09)

August 6th, 2009

Personal Rants

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You may have noticed that we recently had some downtime. We expected this but didn’t know how long the site would be down for so we chose to let it play out. Turns out it was for around 24 hours so it wasn’t that bad. I just wanted to let you all know why the site experienced downtime.

For personal reasons, Richard decided that he wanted to take a break from the site. The decision wasn’t easy for him and he considered shutting the site down. Instead, I decided to take over the site so this community could live on as it has become very popular amongst not only Inspiron 1525 users but Hackintoshers as a whole. I have been with Daily Blogged for nearly the entire time its been online and I felt that taking over would only be appropriate. The downtime was experienced because the hosting and Domain had to be transferred. Long story short, I am now the “official” owner of the site, although things will continue to run just like they always have.

You can expect some very minor changes as I now have more of an opportunity to try new things and see how the Daily Blogged community likes them. If you don’t like the changes though, they can always be undone as you help make this site so popular and if you’re unhappy, I’m unhappy.

I just wanted to fill you all in on the financial situation because, as some of you may know, I am only 15. The Daily Blogged domain is valid until February of 2009 and won’t cost me anything until i have to renew. The hosting was transferred to 1and1 so that the site would continue to run fast (and possibly a little faster) as opposed to if a free host had been chosen. I was able to score 6-months of free hosting with them for only a $4.95 Setup Fee. After the 6 months are up, the hosting will continue at a rate of $4.99/month. Without a steady job, this will be fairly hard to maintain although I should be able to get by. That is why I ask you to please consider donating a small amount, even $1, so that Daily Blogged can continue to operate quickly and without any Bandwidth limit (There is a limit but it is much more than we use). Donations can be sent through Paypal by clicking here and are greatly appreciated.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Anyway, I hope the transition will go smoothly (It seems to be so far besides for the downtime) and that this site can continue to be as popular as it currently is.

Changes Made (Drop a comment letting me know if you like or dislike the change):

-Added new Mobile version of Dailyblogged that works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Android, and Blackberry Storm

-Newest version of theme now running

-Front Page now shows full posts instead of excerpts

-Featured tab no longer present in new sidebar

-Fixed RSS Posts and RSS Email Links

-Removed AddThis Plugin and site seems to load much quicker now (At least for me)

-Each page of comments now displays 75 comments instead of the previous 50

-Removed Flickr images

-Fixed Popular/Comments/Featured/Tags Sidebar

-Search bar in side panel changed to Google Search

-Changed number of posts displayed below Featured posts on front page from 10 to 2

-Changed 404 error page

-Comments now display oldest first as opposed to newest first

-Set all comments to automatic Approval instead of having to wait to be approved if it was your first comment

-Ads placed on the site (Clicking on them will really help us get more money and pay for hosting)

Removed Number/Letter CAPTCHA and replaced it with a Simple Match CAPTCHA (This will look familiar to those that were around for the espressoreport days)

Changes to be made:

-Fix Number of Comments per page Fixed!

-Fix comments Text bar Finally Fixed!

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7 Responses to “Some Changes To DailyBlogged (updated 8/9/09)”

  1. Nathan

    0+8=? 8!

    Thanks So Much Thomas!
    Lovin This Small Math Again :P

  2. coltssaturday

    What can i say, good job yet again Thomas and I will definitely try to help you by clicking on the ads everyday :)!

    • Thomas

      Thanks Colts and remember, if you ever have to search the site be sure to use the Google Search which can be found on the sidebar. It works better than the searchbar at the top of the page and it brings in some money.

  3. Nathan

    Well Done Thomas!

    Your doing a great job with this site
    I like the Google search thing you put on the side and well done for fixing the comments/posts thing.
    Its a good idea you put the ads to help make some revenue for the site.

    Just wondering, In the days of EspressoReport we had a maths sum instead of picture.
    Can that maybe come back again? That was a very unique and fun thong to have.

    Once again, Well done Thomas! Site looking great.

    • Thomas

      Thanks so much for the feedback! When you use the Google Search I also get revenue so I’m going to see if I can integrate it a little better. I really like that suggestion about bringing back the math CAPTCHA. I’ll see what I could do to bring that back.

    • Thomas

      Nathan- Look below to post a comment and I think you may find something that you will like.