Perfecting Your Snow Leopard Hackintosh

June 17th, 2010

Apple / Mac, OS X Updates

Note: As of June 17, 2010, the Retail Snow Leopard Installation Guide includes these updates. If you followed that guide after June 17, 2010, you will already have these updated kexts and therefore should ignore this guide.

With much excitement, I bring you this update guide to finally resolve the audio issues in Snow Leopard. Included are 6 kexts, 3 of which replace the dreaded VoodooHDA.kext. The other three included kexts are merely updated versions of previous kexts, though they do have their own benefits; the new fakesmc.kext is placed in /Extra/, the new VoodooBattery.kext is simply updated version, and the updated VoodooSDHC.kext works with 10.6.4.

The included kexts are fakesmc.kext, VoodooBattery.kext, VoodooSDHC.kext, AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler.kext, and LegacyHDA.kext. AppleHDA, along with HDAEnabler and LegacyHDA, fix the issue where the audio wouldn’t work properly after waking from sleep. Plus, the internal microphone is now completely functional. It’s also worth noting that, while both headphone jacks work, they will not operate simultaneously; If both headphone jacks are occupied, the system will default to the second/middle headphone jack.

To install the kexts, download the Snow Leopard Update Pack. Then copy the 3 kexts in the “Extra Kexts” folder to /Extra/Extensions/ located in the root of your Snow Leopard partition. Next, Kext Helper the three kexts in the “Kext Helper” folder. Also be sure to run a Tag Cache Rebuild while in Kext Helper. Finally, reboot and reap the rewards of fully functional audio, working SD Card reader, and updated Battery Meter and fakesmc.kext.

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36 Responses to “Perfecting Your Snow Leopard Hackintosh”

  1. marco

    I used the guide at macyourpc to get my rig going, do you know what changes I have to make use this guide, which kexts I have to remove. I know I will have to remove the voodoohda, but is there anything else? I would really like to have problem free audio. Thanks!

  2. jaxparo

    My 1525 w/10.6.4 is near perfect. Bothersome is the way the Trackpad preferences won’t hold over a Restart. For example, the “tap to click” never works over a Restart until I set it again, and the box is always checked, but I must uncheck and recheck it before Tap-to-Click works.
    Also, I can’t get the MemoryStick reader slot to work at all. Can the MemoryStick reader slot work at all? I’ve got VoodooSDHC.kext which loads normally, and the MemoryStick software appears to be loading normally, so I’ve got no idea why this isn’t working. If anyone can mount a MemoryStick under 10.6.4 please report this is possible.
    Also, I’m using the newest plugins for FakeSMC.kext and I’ve got everything reporting in iStat Pro EXCEPT for battery stats. It just says “calculating” forever without changing.
    I’d love to see the HDMI port working, and I suspect a modification of the DSDT would be necessary to enable it? Other than these issues, I’m unaware of any other problems under 10.6.4. I’m still under 32-bit because of problems with the X3100 64-bit kexts, so perhaps 10.6.5 will bring back 64-bit X3100 kexts, let’s hope so.

  3. Monchee Yuson

    another question: do you know any way to get an external usb webcam working? thanks again.

    • Thomas

      When connecting a webcam, it’ll automatically work if it supports OS X.

    • jaxparo

      You can probably use Macam software to get an external USB webcam working? If you install the Macam software into the System>Library>Quicktime folder rather than the suggested ~User>Library>Quicktime or the /Library>Quicktime you’ll find that your USB cam is available to everything, including all the Apple applications. When you install Macam into the System>Library>Quicktime I believe the ownership & permissions need to be set to root:wheel for Macam components, which you can do in GUI with BatchMod. Macam is available here:

  4. MoNcHeE

    Question: Is there a way on getting Dell Inspiron 1525 10.6.4 HDMI to work?
    btw, thanks on the audio kexts. It’s working like awesome.

  5. Jim

    So.. After a quick test, the 3 audio kexts don’t really seem to do anything in 10.6.4 with STAC 9205. No audio input devices are detected (both in and out) after rebuilding caches and repairing permissions. Also the SDHC fix didn’t work for me either. Voodoobattery didn’t work, but I expected that as a earlier version didn’t work for me. The only one that seems to be fine right now is fakesmc because I can boot up. Maybe this is all because I’m running on a modified kernel/boot file.

  6. Jim

    Thanks for the Snow Leopard audio fix!
    Will this version of VooDooBattery work with non-vanilla kernels/boot files? The original (1.3.3) wouldn’t work for me with mach_kernel.test7 and an edited boot file.

    • Jim

      Sorry for double post, but do you mean that the fakesmc.kext is placed in Extras/Extensions/? Or just in extras?

  7. matt

    has there been any developments on the trackpad? i’ve used appleps2controller and voodoops2 and neither are that great. Have you achieved multi touch with voodoops2?


  8. WebGuru

    What I mean is that I would like to know what you added to LegacyAppleHDA.kext so that sound is still working after sleep. In one of your comment on you said:

    Until the guide is up, the included file will work just fine. The only change is the addition of support for Line-In and the audio continues to work after waking from sleep.

    Apart from the LineIn support, what is needed to fix “no sound after sleep” problem.

    • Thomas

      It’s the AppleHDA kext combination (AppleHDA, LegacyHDA, and HDAEnabler) that adds sound after sleep. The addition of microphone support doesn’t necessarily enable audio after waking from sleep; it’s just one of the fixes along with audio working after wake.

  9. WebGuru

    May I ask you which part of the LegacyAppleHDA.kext is crucial in terms of sound after sleep problem. It seems to me that LineIn, LineOut and MuteGPIO is important.

    Am I right?

    • Thomas

      I don’t quite understand your question. The sounds after sleep issue is with VoodooHDA, not the AppleHDA kext combination.

  10. Brian

    The left trackpad button, it is like depressed and sunk in cuz the rubber underneath it that is supposed to push it back it wore out and ripped. You said I had to replace the whole palm rest, i didn’t know if that was because i thought that the supporting frame around those buttons on the back of the palm rest was almost like permanently attached to the backside of the palm rest… I could be wrong it was awhile ago, i had the buttons themselves out, i might have misunderstood your post about the palm rest… essentially its the rubber skin underneath that i need to replace, but i just assummed i could just replace the two buttons with the rubber as one part..

    i see the hole at the end there did that just have a screw through it? i thought it was like spot-welded into the plastic almost on mine..

    • Thomas

      The mouse buttons seem to be attached by two screws, though I could be wrong. Your best bet is to replace the entire palm rest. If your willing to take the risk, go for the two button. You can’t beat $18!

  11. Brian

    I will find the post in chameleon forums on it, but some people commented that it caused problems (could have been user error) others said it worked great…

    yeah i think i saw that when i had it apart (it was like a year ago though) the rest of the button assembly is like plastic welded to the back of the palm rest or something isn’t it?

    • Thomas

      Which button assembly are you referring to? I take this laptop apart very frequently, and actually just received some replacement parts today, so I should know what you’re talking about.

  12. Brian

    Cool, yeah i am alright with it, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an easy fix i couldn’t find… and I agree worse freakin webcam ever, my mom has the same computer and she ends up using a 4 year old external logitech usb webcam when she skypes.
    I only had the one year warranty on this one because i figured most stuff i would end up fixing myself, figuring would be like a failed harddrive after a few years or something. It started failing right before the year, which has now passed, I had the box and everything but was at a rough time for me so I never had a chance to be able to part with the computer for a week or so at that time, so now I’m gonna be stuck doing it myself and getting the button on ebay or something ( i was contemplating taking it to bestbuy or somewhere and just paying for the fix, I took it apart to see what was wrong and if it was fixable when it first happened, most difficult laptop dissassembly ever) I have had all sorts of ibooks and powerbooks totally dismantled and reassembled easy as ever over the past 5-10 years, and this was just very frustrating to deal with.. ANYWAY… thank you so much, best guide ever… i tried putting osx on a pc years ago when the whole osx86 version first got out on the net, big pain… your guide really made it damn near as easy as a standard install…

    So, yeah I have a DVD/CD Burner R, R-, RW, etc etc.. (i will just need to try it, as if the drive can read cds, maybe i just need to put a blank disc in and try it…)
    One last thing and I will stop being a crazy novel length poster… did you get your inspiron to do the hibernate/deep sleep thing? where even if battery is taken out it will load sleep image? I just didn’t want to waste my time trying if someone already knows whether its possible or not..

    Thank you again…

    • Thomas

      I’ve never heard of it successfully done on a hackintosh before, but then again, I haven’t really been looking around for it. If you have a link where someone was able to do it, I’ll check it out and try to get it working. And if you’re going to replace the trackpad button, you’ll need to replace the entire “palm rest.”

  13. Brian

    So one more thing… sorry i’m typing so much, but as far as the trackpad goes, I see that some people list drivers and such for the ALPS Glidepoint, and i THINK thats what the trackpad is my Dell System Config doesn’t list it separately and the driver download is now Dell Branded I think it used to list the manufacturer in the driver title a year or so ago… so anyway I was wondering if anyone knows of a STABLE driver to get more of the fancy trackpad stuff working, like scrolling, (or more importantly for me the tap to click, as I don’t really use the two finder scrolling crap) Thanks… sorry for rambling…

  14. Brian

    BTW, the mouse thing worked, plugged in USB mouse, switched primary button, and the setting sticks for trackpad even with mouse unplugged… thanks :)

  15. Brian

    I’ve tried skype, and photobooth, both with the same result, black image it almost seems like it is on and working as far as the hardware is concerned, but the image is black, i at first thought maybe the brightness was all the way down but even a bright light shined at it doesn’t start to show, but a reboot takes care of it.. (not a huge deal as I don’t use it that often right now, and i also have been shutting down anyway as I have not fully perfected the deep sleep/hibernate thing, I can’t get it to pick up on the sleep image file, if I delete it from /var/vm it will create a new one, but then further attempts putting it to sleep don’t even write to/modify the file at all unless it’s been deleted. I am still looking into all the chameleon posts on it, as the forcewake thing has caused me to get the “Header size 0” “Incorrect Image Signature” thing, but im apprehensive to try some of the patched boot files that people modified themselves because as of right now from your instructions osx is running more stable than the vista install that was on this laptop :)
    As far as the mouse thing, I only use the trackpad (Inspiron 1525, is that an alps trackpad?) so the mouse preference pane says connect a USB mouse with no options, but as I’m writing this I’m wondering if I plugged in a mouse, switched the buttons, and unplugged the mouse if it would stay reversed for the trackpad? (My left mouse button is basically dead (rubber button underneath wore out so doesn’t spring back up and is hard to use)
    Also one last question, in system profiler under Disc Burning I have nothing listed, I haven’t tried to burn anything yet, but I know the drive works as I have copied files from SL install DVD and another cd, I was just wondering if disc burning should work or if extra steps need to be taken. Thanks in advance…

    • Thomas

      My webcam seems to work fine after sleeping (tested with Skype). I’m not sure which kexts deal with the webcam, nor would I know what to do with them since our webcam works native. As long as you’re alright with it, I’m alright with it. Now if only our webcam wasn’t the crappiest one I’ve ever seen/used.

      Glad the Mouse thing worked for you. I’ve had my trackpad/mouse button/palm rest replaced twice now, and I’m going to do it one last time before my 3 year warranty expires (280 days left!).

      System profiler lists my DVD drive and the typed of burning it supports. It also works native in OS X. Do you have a DVD burner or reader?

      The only issue with our Trackpad is that it uses a PS/2 connection instead of a USB connection. Most of the ALPS modified drivers only support USB trackpads, so we’re kinda screwed when it comes to those extra features. And yes, we have an ALPS trackpad.

  16. Brian

    So I have 10.6.4 on my inspiron 1525 which went relatively smoothly… just two little things, i’m yet to get a handle on, it seeems my integrated webcam doesn’t work after waking from sleep (it will light up and thinks its there but picture is black) and i could reverse the primary mouse click in 10.5 but i can’t seem to find that option with 10.6.4 and trackpad prefpane, I was wondering if this is something I will just need to deal with, or if i’m missing something obvious and simple i’m just overlooking… Thanks…

    • Thomas

      My webcam seems to work fine after waking from sleep. What program are you using to check your webcam? And to reverse the mouse button, open the Mouse preference pane and set Primary Mouse Button to Right.

  17. Luciano

    Hi, i have SL in 1525 working almost perfectly. I’d like to ask you what’s the difference between putting a kext in extra/extensions and S/L/E.
    Also, if you don’t mind, do you have safe sleep, hdmi out, and 64bit kernel working? (I have a functional 64bit but I think there are no x3100 drivers for it).
    Thank you very much.

    • Thomas

      Placing kexts in /Extra/Extensions doesn’t overwrite any vanilla/original kexts, and thus is more desirable. Also, these kexts are not touched by the system when updating. None of this is true for placing kexts in /System/Library/Extensions/, so /Extra/Extensions/ is more desirable. However, not all kexts work when placed in /Extra/Extensions/.
      If by Safe Sleep you mean hibernate then no, I do not have Hibernate. No hackintosh has true hibernation (save’s everything on RAM to HDD and boot’s up to your same state), just “deep sleep.” HDMI out doesn’t work and never will, and I do no have functional 64-bit (though some users do).

  18. Sami

    Thanks for those kexts Tom. I really wanted to get rid of voodooHDA. I tried other DSDT.aml but i didn’t work I lost audio and usb too. Thank you so much again. Just have to note the the volume slider on menubar doesn’t change when I turn up and down the volume by media keys, but besides that I have it perfectly working now and recognized in System Profiler.

    • Thomas

      I hadn’t noticed that issue though it seems that I have it as well. As far as I can tell, the issue is purely cosmetic. As long as it doesn’t interrupt some functionality, I’m satisfied with these kexts. Also be sure to check out my guide on perfecting your Bluetooth driver; You’re on 10.6.4 so you can use the included kext.