Make Your iPhone/iPod Touch Look Like an iPad

February 2nd, 2010

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You like the way the iPad looks right? I mean, who doesn’t. Now, imagine you can make your iPhone/iPod look like┬áthat. Yeah, it’s possible. Only bad thing is it requires a jailbreak (I recommend Blackra1n).

Basically, all you need to do is download the following from Cydia:

  • Winterboard
  • Simple iPad Theme
  • MakeItMine
  • Shrink
  • ProSwitcher

And then these from the App Store:

  • NYTimes
  • Classics
  • Kindle for iPhone

The video embedded below will walk you through it. I’ve done this to my iPod Touch and I’m really happy with it.

[youtube id=”VheR65gYiG0″]

[story, image, and video via Redmond Pie]

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10 Responses to “Make Your iPhone/iPod Touch Look Like an iPad”

  1. steve0suprem0

    naw, i was just messiong around. i did it to mine and love it. you guys helped me out a lot with my hackintosh a while back. i was just trying to be funny. sorry if i sounded rude.

    • Thomas

      Don’t worry, I immediately recognized your name and understood it was a joke. The troll much comment was for other people who didn’t understand you were joking.

  2. steve0suprem0

    hay guize, checkz out my pre-release ipad mini!!111!!!one!!! ZOMG!

  3. Alex

    But my icons will be bigger, so ha.

  4. Alex

    It does make it look almost exactly like the iPad; I just can’t justify the hassle of buying it though.

  5. Thomas

    Aesthetically, it makes all the difference. Functionally, it does absolutely nothing. But if you really want to pull off that iPad look, drop the $1 as it probably is the most convincing part of the entire mod (if you can call it that).

  6. Alex

    I didn’t even bother with Shrink.

  7. Thomas

    Just did this on my iPod Touch and it looks fantastic! Super simple yet elegant theme.

    Total cost: $1 (For the Shrink app)
    Total Value: $500 (Lowest priced iPad)
    Is it worth it?: *HELL* Yeah