iPhone Just Not Good Enough

July 26th, 2008

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The first 3G iPhone has arrived, but for a mobile power user like myself, is the iPhone really going to cut it? I don’t think so. While I love the look and feel of the “Steve Phone,” there’s something seriously missing from these devices. I live and use my smartphone in the United States, where GSM lags behind CDMA in terms of signal, quality, and data speed. I hate to break it to you guys over at AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., but some people like talking on their phone without a ton of static, dropped calls, etc. GSM just doesn’t have enough decent coverage here in the U.S. to be a real fesiable option. If it were “that good,” more carriers would offer it nationwide and Verizon (Mainly CDMA) wouldn’t be the #1 carrier here.

War driving to get faster data by hopping on insecure wireless routers? Come on, now. That’s less than the perfect solution to poor speeds. And I’m not too impressed with the faster 3G iPhone. I own an HTC Titan (PPC-6800) and while Windows Mobile just plain sucks, third party applications like SPB Phone Suite and Missing Sync make it usable day-to-day, it’s still a lot better than your iPhone. And Steve Jobs is still calling this thing a smartphone. Why all the issues, downtime, etc. if this thing is supposed to be so “smart?” I expected more from Apple on this new toy. I would’ve rather seen the Apple Tablet than see everyone working on that project shuffle over to the iPhone team and create this rather… interesting device on a rather poor network.

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