Five Things I Hate About The iPod Touch

I love my iPod. Not as much as this idiot, but I still love it. That said, there are some things that I absolutely hate about it; little design choices that make me groan every day:

1. The Music App

When the iPod came out in 2001, it virtually created the PMP market, so you’d think an iPod’s primary job would be to, err, play music. Not so with the iPod Touch, as the music app lacks the polish normally expected of Apple products:

And the biggest, most annoying thing about music app is that if you go to Artists, choose one, and play a couple songs, when go back to choose another artist, it takes you to Albums instead of Artists, which is just stupid.

Another thing with the music app: Coverflow. I really hate it when I’m sitting down and I choose a new song and then lock the screen and put my hand with the iPod on my lap, and when I wake it up to choose another song, fucking Coverflow butts in like an obnoxious fat kid who wants your lunch.

2. The Mail App

Seriously, no “Mark all as Read” button, Apple? Seriously?

3. The Back

The chrome finish on the back is ugly, attracts fingerprints, and scratches easily. I would much rather have a matte black finish like the one on this rumored iPhone 3GS.

4. Smudgy Screen

I hate having to clean things, which is why I hate how smudgy the screen is. I know Apple introduced an oleophobic coating with the iPhone 3GS, but they could have, and should have, done it sooner.

5. No Camera

OK, Apple, so you’ll give the Nano a crappy little camera that can only take video, but you won’t give the iPod Touch anything? And those reports of pervs looking up girls’ skirts with the new Nano? Yeah, I’d like to see someone try looking up my skirt with a fricken iPod Touch in their hands. Oh wait; nevermind, I don’t wear skirts.

Aside from the things listed here, I think the iPod Touch is wonderful and I’d recommend it to my friends and blah, blah, blah. But it is a great device.

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2 Responses to “Five Things I Hate About The iPod Touch”

  1. Nathan

    I dont like the iPod Touch music app either.
    I dont know why they make it go to albulm, Its stupid.

    I also think the battery life is a bit too short for me.
    When I fully charge it, It dosent last that long before it goes out again.

  2. Richard Ward

    This is why I play music on my BlackBerry Storm.

    1. The Music App

    It’s good. I can’t shake my music player in epileptic fashion to change songs but the album art is beautiful, all the usual controls, playlists, and automatic (even wireless) iTunes syncing. What more could you ask for?

    2. The Mail App

    This is probably the most powerful feature of my, er… music player. Instant push e-mail and support for multiple addresses, an easy push-based web setup, spam filtering and lots of corporate support. It’s simply amazing. And it does all this while playing music.

    3. The Back

    Two words: Brushed Aluminum.

    4. Smudgy Screen

    Depending on what you last ate, you’ll easily spot the smudges but a simple wipe of its solid glass screen produces a shiny finish even Mr. Clean can appreciate.

    5. No Camera

    Will 3.2 megapixel, bright flash and video support do? I think it will.