Chameleon RC3 is out- Now with Snow Leopard support

September 13th, 2009

Apple / Mac

Without gaining much attention, another update was released for the widely popular Chameleon bootloader. This time, it was updated to RC3 (still no final release yet). This update doesn’t bring too many enhancements although one that it does bring is important. The main change is support for Snow Leopard. This means that users no longer have to use that disgusting Chameleon 1 text interface and we can go back to the sexy! Other changes include support for 1TB+ HDD’s and the option to change the location of your SMBIOS.plist. As was the case when Chameleon RC2 was released, the original Chameleon install guide has been updated with the RC3 instructions and files. I still would like to see automatic updates in the next release though…

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