Apple wins case against Psystar, ruins reputation in the process

December 19th, 2009

Apple / Mac

It was a sad day in the land of Hackintosh as Apple won its ongoing case with Psystar. The ruling ordered Psystar, a company made famous for it’s custom built Hackintoshes, “a permanent injunction.. banning it from selling hardware with Apple’s operating system.” The ruling also forbid Psystar from:

  • Copying or selling OS X
  • Inducing, aiding, assisting, abetting or encouraging the infringement of Apple’s copyrighted Mac OS X software
  • Circumventing the systems put into affect by Apple to inhibit the use of OS X on unauthorized hardware
  • Basically, Psystar is prohibited from doing anything apple related

While banning the sale of these professional built machines, hackintoshing by the home user is continuing to go strong with seemingly no effect on the average user. And though Apple may have won this case, the installation of Apple’s operating system will continue to be installed on unautorized hardware, no matter the courts decision. Long live the hackintosh!

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