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Adding Linux File System support to Leopard (ext2 & ext3)

February 26th, 2010


This is yet another guide in my rewrite rampage. Note: This software is incompatible with Snow Leopard. With it now easier than ever to dual boot Linux and OS X, you might be considering giving Linux a try (or even more favorably, Ubuntu). Linux in general is great due to its stability, many customizable looks, […]

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Why The Windows 7 Taskbar Sucks

February 22nd, 2010


Windows 7 has been quite a hit among Windows users, some calling it what Vista should have been. I’ve used Windows 7 as a secondary OS since the public beta, and I’ve never really been comfortable with the new taskbar. These are the reasons why. That extra click—By default, the Windows 7 taskbar groups instances […]

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Backing Up Your Data: The Where, The Why, and The How

February 14th, 2010


Most of you out there (hopefully all of you, actually) have heard of the importance of backing up your data. Some reasons are universal between Macs and PCs while others are not. PCs need to be backed up because of the possibility of hardware failure and the chance of getting Viruses, Spyware and the like, […]

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Wait, *I* wrote that?!?

February 14th, 2010


As many of you know, I took over Daily Blogged back in August. After acquiring the domain from Richard, I started to crank out posts more rapidly than I had previously done. While I was solely doing this for the benefit of the readers, I may have sacrificed a bit of writing skill along the […]

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Updating to Snow Leopard 10.6.2

February 12th, 2010


Note: This update requires you to be running 10.6.1. If you aren’t already, you can download and install the 10.6.1 update from here. And don’t worry, just install and restart when prompted and you’ll be good to go. Snow Leopard has been available to the public for almost 6 months now, has received 2 updates, […]

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