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Steve Jobs Officially Back at Apple

June 29th, 2009


After being gone for six months and having a liver transplant, everyone’s favorite CEO is officially back at Apple. Said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling: “Steve Jobs is back to work. He is at Apple a few days a week and working from home the other days. We’re glad to have him back.” This return probably […]

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Grab Snow Leopard’s Sexy New Wallpaper Now

June 17th, 2009


Snow Leopard is slated for release in September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of it now. The new wallpaper, like Snow Leopard itself, is a refinement, and you may as well get used to it now, because you’re going to be seeing it in every Apple store for the next two […]

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Get iPhone OS 3.0 For Free

June 13th, 2009


Update: 3.0 is now live, but you still don’t need to shell out $10 for it. At the end of their WWDC keynote, Apple released the golden master of iPhone OS 3.0. This will be the final version unless some giant, unforeseen bug creeps out of the woodwork. It’s scheduled to be released June 17th. […]

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Change Your Display’s Gamma to Match Snow Leopard

June 12th, 2009


One of the smaller refinements included with Snow Leopard will be the changing of the default gamma level from 1.8 to 2.2, which is the default for TVs and the current standard for Windows. Gamma affects the contrast on your screen; a higher level means higher contrast. To get the higher gamma level in Leopard, […]

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Sync Nearly Any Device With iTunes

June 6th, 2009


A while back, Richard wrote a post about Syncing your Sansa Fuze with iTunes. While the post did help a lot of people, it required running a script and became quite problematic for some. The purpose of the post was to help out a select number of people who had the Sansa Fuze, but still […]

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