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BlackBerry Curve (8330) Brings Sexy Back

September 25th, 2008

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Just ignore all the shit I talked previously about my BlackBerry [Pearl]. This is the one! Big, bad, and oh-so sexy. The BlackBerry Curve 8330 features high speed EvDO data, fully unlocked GPS with Google Maps and BB Maps, camera, video, full keyboard, huge screen, and the best part: Over 10 days of standby and […]

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I’m A PC And… WTF?

September 19th, 2008


Microsoft’s newest rounds of ads directly target Apple’s highly succesful “Get A Mac” ads. He’s back. Yep, your old friend PC. But wait! Hey… that’s not the “real” PC! You guessed it. Microsoft has a PC look-alike sporting the latest rounds of the $300M budget Bill Gates Co. has shelled out to let people know […]

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Leopard Wallpaper In Your Flavor

September 18th, 2008

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Don’t get me wrong — I love Leopard, but after looking at the same “space,” I can only take so much. By popular demand and to give those people stuck on the “Blue Leopard” Server wallpaper, here is my version of the Leopard Wallpaper In Your Flavor in 8 different colors for your 1280×800 viewing […]

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Your Own HackBook Pro Banner

September 17th, 2008


Show your love for all things Apple with your own signature banner. Well, it’s mine but I’m nice enough to let you use it. If you look closely, you can even spot one of my previous Leopard screenshots inside the Dell Inspiron. This unique graphic coupled with the infamous Mac Button and Apple Wallpaper, who […]

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Upgrade Your Hackintosh To Mac OS X 10.5.5!

September 15th, 2008


Get ready to unleash the fury of your inner Leopard with one of Apple’s biggest updates, Mac OS X 10.5.5. Weighing in at 321MB (Cool, huh?), there are dozens of bug fixes and additions to make this a real “worth while” update for your fully licensed official Mac or your Hack. You may start the […]

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