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Hardware Mod: Adding a second Hard Drive to my Inspiron 1525

September 1st, 2010


That’s right, I’ve added a second Hard Drive. But you’ve got to read on to find out how.

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Phone With Bad ESN? You’re Screwed!

March 5th, 2009


I recently purchased an HTC Touch smartphone from an eBay seller to replace my BlackBerry Curve. The seller had 100% positive feedback and had good feedback on similar phone sales in the past. I figured I couldn’t go wrong and started bidding. After communicating with the seller, I pushed ahead with taking his “Buy It […]

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eBay and PayPal Holding My Money

March 1st, 2009


I’m tired of my phone — again. So I decided to list my BlackBerry Curve on eBay while the prices were still decent. After my item sold, I waited a day for payment and to my suprise, PayPal put a hold on it until I ship the item, they receive it, and leave feedback. What […]

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Strange eBay Offer

January 28th, 2008


I’ve seen a lot of odd error messages from popular websites when something times out, goes offline, crashes, etc. but this is the first time I’ve seen an e-mail error message from one of the biggest sites of them all: eBay.com. It would appear SquareTrade wants to offer one of those amazing 5-year warranties and […]

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