Registration now open to the public

December 24th, 2009


After much thought, we have decided to open registration to the public. Registration is absolutely free and takes less than a minute. While registering won’t allow you to post articles, it will be easier to post comments; You will no loner be presented with the information box but rather just a text box as all your information is already stored within WordPress. Also, if you’re using a different computer, you can just login and you won’t be bothered with typing in any of your information on that computer. Additionally, if a user becomes active enough in the DailyBlogged community, he/she can easily be bumped up to Author/Writer status with the ability to monitor comments and post articles. And finally, but probably most importantly, registering with your email will allow us to send out emails with announcements about the site. So now that you’ve heard all the facts, go ahead and register today!

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Thomas is a self-proclaimed guru (just ask him). He enjoys long walks on the beach, running Mac OS X on his Inspiron 1525, and tweeting about nonsensical life happenings. You can follow Thomas on twitter, email him, or search the interwebs for all his personal information. Neither should be too difficult.

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